We bring into being various innovative solutions for our global business assigners by dint of technological knowings.

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Our ideas are focused on indispensable issues such as the environment, energy, satellite improvement and industrial applications. Our portfolio ranges from componental aspects to immense coordination to precious material systems, used in wide spheres in various industries.

Impex is a leading traders of Master Alloys. Impex is the key pole of service refiners as well as provider of your fulfilment in the field of precious metals. Impex's success in precious metal industry is due to its predominant analysis, authentication and uncompromising services. Impex's unparallel and unprecedented technical expertise in dealing of precious metals is adorned by the modern techno-world.

Our background and skills are established on research and development. Our philosophy is to attain your success first which is the ultimate aim of our success. Our oath is to continue to strive with best efforts and maximum improvement in the benefit of mankind through our promising services. Impex's mission is to achieve unique growth and success by means of innovation, rare technology and best services.


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